Heart Health Support

Support the normal function of this hard-working organ with our collection of heart healthy supplements.

Advanced Multivitamin

Contains CoQ10 for healthy blood pressure and general heart health, folate to support your arteries, vitamin E to neutralise free radicals and thiamine for the normal heart function. 

Advanced Omega 3 

Clean, fresh and pure. From wild, small fish, never farmed. And it contains all the EPA and DHA your body needs for normal function of the heart.

Optimal nutrition for optimal heart health

Spare a thought for your hard-working heart. It beats away, day and night, without you even noticing it. But there are some surprisingly simple ways you can show it some extra love and care, and it all starts with our heart-health collection of vitamins and supplements.

Why take vitamins and supplements for heart health?

Eating a balanced diet full of vitamins and essential fatty acids can help you maintain a healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, meaning you’ll be less likely to develop coronary heart disease in the future. But did you know that some micronutrients work harder than others when it comes to keeping your heart healthy? 

From B-complex vitamins to zinc, a whole alphabet full of micronutrients come with EU approved heart health claims. For example:

  • The EPA and DHA found in Omega 3 fish oil contributes to the normal function of the heart and helps maintain good quality cholesterol.
  • Zinc contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system. 
  • Vitamin K supports a healthy heart.
  • Selenium is necessary for normal cardiovascular function.
  • Thiamine contributes to the normal function of the heart.
  • Folic acid helps keep arteries and blood vessels healthy and helps maintain a normal blood pressure.
  • Vitamin E can neutralise free radicals and help maintain a healthy heart.
  • CoQ10 maintains a healthy heart, may help maintain healthy blood pressure and may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

The best vitamins and supplements for heart health

Want a dynamic duo that’ll work together to support your heart health? Our Advanced Multivitamin and Advanced Omega 3 are a match made in supplement heaven. Taken together, alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle, they’ll provide a clinical strength daily dose of the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids your heart needs to maintain its normal function.

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