A note from the founder

Liza Marogy

I founded Inessa as a nutrition and functional medicine clinic back in 2009.

As the clinic grew, there was one thing that really stood out to me; that quality nutritional supplements could be incredibly effective, and when used alongside a healthy diet, could dramatically improve a person's health.

This was something I had experienced for myself, after being diagnosed with a lifelong autoimmune condition in 2001. The prescribed medication made my hair fall out among other side effects, but didn’t improve my symptoms and so the recommended next step would be to undergo life changing surgery.

At that time, the importance of nutrition and diet was not as well understood as it is today, but as it was a disease of the digestive tract, I felt there had to be something there. Determined to find a solution, and still being monitored by my medical team, I started researching and self-testing to find a way to fix my health.

A year later I was confirmed in remission - a combination of diet & supplements had fixed me where drugs had failed. My medical consultants assured me my remission was temporary (I was given an estimate of a year to relapse), but it is two decades on and I have not had to take immunosuppressant drugs since.

Later, as a qualified nutrition professional, I noted that there was no shortage of practitioner brands creating quality, science-based products. Many of these products are not available on the high street - in order to gain access, you’d often have to see a nutrition professional, which not everyone can afford. I also observed that across the industry as a whole, customers would take multiple products to achieve the nutrient combinations and results they desired - this was not only impractical, but also horribly expensive.

Additionally, there were so many supplements out there, how was the average consumer meant to know what to choose?

So I decided to create my own products, searching out the UK’s leading product developers, laboratories and researchers to work with me to create a streamlined range which makes no compromises on quality or effectiveness. At Inessa, we create clinical grade products, and make them available direct to you, at high street prices.

Inessa essentials range

Over the past 3 years, our Essentials Range has garnered a devoted following (we love the many messages we receive from customers from all over the world!) and 2020 saw the rollout of more targeted products for specific wellness needs, that we will continue to add to in 2021. These are the products that I wish had been around when I was in practice.

We believe our Advanced Multivitamin with 100mg CoQ10 to be the most effective once daily complex in the market - it replaces many of the products that practitioners often suggest to support various health concerns. It was a very proud moment for the Inessa team to have been UK Amazon's bestselling multivitamin throughout the peak of the pandemic, and by way of thanking our customers for their trust, we used the extra profits we made throughout that period to fund meals for NHS staff who were working around the clock.

Because of our clinical roots and the fact that we are independently owned, we put health above prioritising company growth and profits, so we never cut corners in our offerings. If you've ever dealt directly with myself or one of our wonderful team, you'll already know that we never try and sell anything that isn't right for you, and are happy to recommend products from other companies if we feel that what we offer isn't the best choice for your needs.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our formulations as new research emerges, however, health is about so much more than just supplements. Inessa started life as a clinical practice, so 2021 will see us come full circle and we'll be introducing more in depth evidence-based health content, digital functional medicine protocols, and more personalised health and fitness services, for a 360 degree approach to health and wellness.

Our pledge to you, our customer, is to solely produce products that we believe to be of benefit as the science stands, to simplify the minefield that is the nutraceutical space, and to provide you with content and educational resources which have scientific evidence to support their use.

The team and I look forward to being part of your wellness journey.


Liza Marogy