Nourish your body, support your health with the daily self-care of our soothing menopause collection.

Advanced Multivitamin

The world’s most comprehensive multivitamin gives optimal levels of vitamin D3 for healthy bones, B-complex for energy, CoQ10 for heart health, plus vitamin C to support healthy collagen production.

Advanced Omega 3

Essential fatty acids are the building blocks of hormones and you can only get them from your diet. Ensure your body gets a regular supply with a clinical daily dose of pure, fresh fish oil.

Calcium & Magnesium

Menopause can impact the health of your bones. Keep yours strong through your transition and beyond with this bioactive supplement, the perfect pairing to any daily multivitamin product.

Your energising menopause essentials

Support your health and smooth your transition with our menopause collection of vitamins and supplements.

Why take vitamins and supplements during menopause?

Did you know that the food you eat every day can play a role in how you’ll experience the symptoms of menopause? Eating plenty of fibre, for example, affects how much oestrogen you excrete and how much you store, making it very important during times of hormonal fluctuation. 

The omega 3 found in oily fish may also have a balancing effect. Fatty acids have a role to play in hormone production, transport and communication. Without a healthy diet rich in good fats, your body won’t be able to produce the hormones it needs - not great news when your hormones are fluctuating anyway. 

Certain vitamins and minerals are also known to be especially important for menopausal women. Vitamin D may reduce the risk of developing more serious problems caused by lower levels of oestrogen, like osteoporosis and heart disease, for example. Magnesium is energising and can promote restful sleep - something that’s particularly important for the 60% of women who’ll experience some form of insomnia related to the menopause, 

The best vitamins and supplements for menopause

Your hormones may be fluctuating, but your optimal daily nutrition is one thing you can control. So give your body the daily self-care of the clinical-strength levels of vitamin D, CoQ10, vitamin C and B-complex vitamins found in our Advanced Multivitamin

Taken together with the essential fatty acids of our Advanced Omega 3 and our soothing Magnesium, they’ll all work together to support your wellbeing during the menopause.

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