Inessa Advanced Omega 3 Fish Oil
Inessa Advanced Omega 3 Fish Oil

Inessa Advanced Omega 3 Fish Oil

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Get all the essential Omega 3 your body needs in one clinical strength softgel
60 softgels
60 days supply
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Fresh, pure and potent fish oil that cares for you, and the planet

Our Advanced Omega 3 offers clinical doses of EPA and DHA in a natural, triglyceride form, and it’s sustainably sourced.

Inessa Advanced Omega 3 fish oil
Premium-quality Ethically sourced Omega 3 fish oil

Premium-quality fish oil

Clinical dose of 480mg EPA and 360mg DHA in every softgel

In natural triglyceride form for high bioavailability

Scrupulously purified and tested for freshness and contaminants

Ethically sourced

Supports heart, brain and eye health

Helps maintain healthy blood pressure

For exercise recovery and general wellness

What’s in our fish oil softgels?

We put in fresh fish oil, add a dash of vitamin E to preserve it naturally and leave out any nasties.

Features & benefits

Why you’ll love it

Clinical strength doses

Clinical strength doses

With game-changing amounts of EPA and DHA in each softgel, our fish oil is formulated for your optimal wellness, not just to prevent a deficiency.
Exceptional purity

Exceptional purity

Our patented purification process ensures contaminants such as heavy metals and environmental chemicals are significantly lower than maximum levels set by the GOED Monograph or EU.
Tested for freshness

Tested for freshness

Rancid fish oil not only causes unpleasant burping, it can also be harmful. We rigorously test all our fish oils to ensure oxidation levels that are far lower than industry standards.
Highly bioavailable

Highly bioavailable

What good is all that DHA and EPA if your body can’t use it? We’ve gone the extra mile to convert our fish oil into its natural triglyceride form so it’s easy for the body to absorb.
Diet friendly

Diet friendly

Each softgel is made from fish gelatine, not the pork or beef kind. This makes it suitable for those who don’t eat meat, or those who are kosher or halal.
Simplifies your routine and cuts cost

Simplifies your routine and cuts cost

Get meaningful doses of Omega 3 without having to take multiple capsules each day. Just one softgel is equivalent to three to four capsules of standard ‘high-street’ fish oil products in potency.
Sustainably sourced

Sustainably sourced

Made from 100% wild anchovies, our Friends Of The Sea Certification ensures that our fish oil is ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable.

Recommended by experts

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“An ultra-high dose and sustainably sourced omega-3 fish oil”

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Advanced Omega 3 Fish Oil is perfect if…

You want clinically significant doses of Omega 3, without taking multiple capsules

You want fish oil in the form that’s closest to nature

You want to support a healthy heart and sharp vision

You want to fuel your brain and lift your mood

You find it hard to eat large amounts of fresh fish or worry about contaminants

Your diet is high in Omega 6

Inessa Advanced Daily Multivitamin is perfect if...

May not be suitable

Our Advanced Omega 3 might not be right for you. Higher dose omega 3 capsules need to be on the larger side, so you may wish to consider using multiple capsules from an alternative brand to get the same benefits. That said, we rarely get complaints about difficulty swallowing due to the capsule shape. But we like to give our first-time customers a heads-up, so you can make the right choice according to your preferences.

Do not take Advanced Omega 3 without the permission of your doctor. Omega 3 fish oil may thin the blood further, so check with your doctor before using to make sure it’s safe for you.

How we compare


Made from 100% wild anchovies because small fish are exposed to fewer toxins

No flavourings or colourings and fish oil is tested for freshness

Formulated by a nutrition professional, based on real clinical experience

Fish oil converted into its natural triglyceride form, because we don’t cut corners

Contains therapeutic doses of EPA and DHA and is tested for strength

Highly bioavailable

Other brands

Made from fish higher up the food chain, so more chance of contamination

Uses flavourings to disguise the fishy smell of a less-than-fresh product

Made by companies with no clinical background with profit as their priority

Fish oil remains in alcohol esters because it’s cheaper and easier to produce

Contains low amounts of EPA and DHA with doses buried in small print

Harder to absorb

From the founder

"Omega 3 is an essential that plays a vital role in health. It was important to us to have a product that was as close to nature as possible. That’s why we made sure our fish oil is in its natural, triglyceride form (just like it is in whole foods) as it’s easier for our bodies to absorb. Transparency was also important when it came to labelling. Many companies claim high doses, but these are only delivered if you take multiple capsules. Our dose is what it says it is in each capsule, representing exceptional value compared with products of similar quality once you account for doses-per-bottle"

Liza Marogy Nutritional Therapist & ND Founder of Inessa

Frequently asked questions

Our fish oil has been independently tested and certified to be free of any toxic substances. A unique and patented purification process ensures that contaminants such as heavy metals and environmental chemicals are significantly lower than the maximum levels set by the GOED Monograph or EU standards for fish oil products. This ensures exceptional freshness and purity that surpasses industry standards.

It’s safe to take in pregnancy, and recommended by experts for the healthy development of your baby.

Capsules that repeat on you are a sign that the product is less than fresh. Fish oils can easily turn rancid if they’re exposed to oxygen, but we test all our products to ensure they have much lower levels of oxidation than industry standards.

There are many benefits to using small, wild fish. Small fish don’t live as long as larger fish like salmon so they’re exposed to fewer contaminants. And because they’re at the bottom of the food chain, they have much less toxic build-up. Farmed fish are fed non natural diets such as grain that reduce the amount of Omega 3 they contain, plus they can be given antibiotics. Wild is always best.

Yes, and we have the Friends Of The Sea certification to prove it! Our fish oil is ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable and are sourced from well-managed fisheries.

Because it’s easier for the body to absorb and utilise, at least in the short term. When fish oil is concentrated and purified, its natural triglycerides are converted into a synthetic substance called ethyl ester (EE). Most supplement companies leave it in this form, but we go the extra step of converting the fish oil back into natural triglycerides, the way they occur in whole foods.

To do so is more costly, but we do this because your liver must first filter out the ethyl alcohol before it can get to work on the fatty acids, meaning it can be harder to absorb.

However it’s worth mentioning (and because we believe in transparency) that while the TG form of Omega 3 is superior in the short term, results from comparative studies, in general, suggest that absorption of Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from TG or from EE are similar over time when fish oil is routinely supplemented.

Take 1-3 capsules per day with a cold or room temperature beverage, ideally with food.

Pregnant women - Take 1 capsule per day

For general health - 1 capsule per day

Those with inflammatory health conditions - 1-3 capsules per day

If you are taking any medication, always check with your doctor or the information leaflet with your medicine(s) for contraindications. DO NOT USE FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS IF USING BLOOD THINNING MEDICATION