Inessa Advanced Biotic Complex
Inessa Advanced Biotic Complex

Inessa Advanced Biotic Complex

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Get soothing, effective gut support in one daily time-release capsule
30 capsules
30 days supply
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Optimal gut health, no guesswork required?

It starts right here. Our unique blend contains 50 billion live organisms from seven science-backed strains, including 5 billion powerful saccharomyces boulardii cultures.

For specific gut health requirements

All seven strains studied in both IBS and IBD 

May help speed recovery from food poisoning and tummy bugs

Provides extra support when you’re travelling abroad, or taking antibiotics

No need for a separate saccharomyces boulardii supplement

What’s in Advanced Biotic Complex?

Say hello to your gut’s new best friends...

Features & benefits

Why you’ll love it

A unique blend of 7 powerful strains

A unique blend of 7 powerful strains

Each one clinically studied in a range of gut health complaints and conditions.
Clinically effective dose

Clinically effective dose

Every extra-strength capsule contains 50 billion live organisms, guaranteed to expiry.
No need for multiple products

No need for multiple products

With a full dose of 5 billion saccharomyces boulardii, it replaces the need for extra probiotic formulas.
Delayed-release capsule

Delayed-release capsule

Cultures can be damaged by stomach acid. Our capsules get them to where you need them most.
No cheaper strains allowed

No cheaper strains allowed

Every strain earns its place in our blend because of clinical data to support their potency.
Designed for specific gut health requirements

Designed for specific gut health requirements

Whether you’re travelling, suffering gut dysfunction or recovering from a bug, get extra support when your gut needs it most.
Travels well

Travels well

Unlike many other probiotic products, it doesn’t require refrigeration at normal room temperature.

Recommended by experts

The Sunday Times Style Magazine

“Next gen gut supplements”

The Sunday Times
Hello! Magazine

“Developed to support gut health for people suffering from IBD and Irritable Bowel Syndrome”

Hello! Magazine

“Best For Gut Health”

Country and Townhouse

Featured in Harper’s Bazaar

Advanced Biotic Complex is perfect if…

You need extra-strength support for specific gut health requirements.

You want only science-backed, well-researched strains.

You’re recovering from a course of antibiotics.

You want to guard against tummy bugs when travelling.

You want to support recovery from food poisoning or a tummy bug.

You don’t want to take multiple products to get everything you need.

Inessa Advanced Daily Multivitamin is perfect if...

May not be suitable

Consult your doctor before use. Some (but not all) patients who are immunocompromised may lack the ability to mount an appropriate response to new bacteria in the gut, which may lead to serious complications.


Live organisms taken only from strains with clear evidence for efficacy

High levels of live bacteria guaranteed to expiry, 50 billion per dose

Formulated by a clinician & IBD patient, based on personal and real clinical experience

Delayed-release capsule so live cultures get to where they’re needed most

Contains a full dose of soothing saccharomyces boulardii organisms

Other brands

Useful bacteria blended with cheaper strains to make up the numbers

Lower doses to cut down on costs, no guarantees on bacterial survival

Made by companies focused primarily on profit, over an all-premium fomula at a fair price

Live bacteria destroyed in stomach acid so only some make it through

Separate supplement of saccharomyces boulardii organisms required

From the founder

“As both a Nutritional Therapist and an IBD patient myself, I knew how challenging it was to find an effective solution to specific gut health requirements. I found clients had to combine supplements to get what they needed, which was time-consuming and expensive.

I wanted to ensure our probiotic blend included only strains with clinical evidence to support their use. And we were the first company to combine friendly bacteria with an effective dose of saccharomyces boulardii organisms, something I’m really proud of.”

Frequently asked questions

Yes it is, and it’s free of all major allergens.

Yes, and we’ve gone the extra mile to register it with the Vegan Society.

All the live organisms are in a delayed-release capsule, which not only ensures they survive the acid in your gastro-intestinal tract, but also improves their stability. This means they don’t need to be refrigerated, unless you’re in exceptionally hot conditions.

Although it can be taken by those looking to support general gut health, it’s been designed for specific gut health requirements and as such it’s pretty powerful. For general gut support, try our Advanced Daily Biotic.

While the probiotics it contains are well-tolerated, if you’re generally healthy and eat a nutritious, varied diet, it’s not usually necessary to use live bacteria products on an ongoing basis. We advise supplementing with Inessa Advanced Biotic Complex only at times you need it most, such as when you’re travelling abroad, during or after a course of antibiotics or if you’re recovering from a bug, for example. However, if you have a specific, chronic gut issue such as IBS or IBD, you may benefit from all-year use.

Take one capsule per day or as advised by a healthcare professional. Probiotics are best taken before breakfast, with a cold or room temperature beverage, as live bacteria may be damaged by heat. Although you should take the capsule with a cool beverage, there is no issue with having a hot drink afterwards. If you forget to take it earlier in the day, you can have it with other meals, though we don’t advise taking it after a meal.

Probiotics are deemed safe for most people, but if you are immunocompromised or taking certain types of immunosuppressant medication, you should always check with your doctor first. If you take other types of medication, always check with your doctor or the information leaflet with your medicine(s) for contraindications.