Inessa Immunity Complex
Inessa Immunity Complex

Inessa Immunity Complex

Beauty Shortlist Welling Award Winner 2021
Support your body’s resilience with a powerful blend of vitamins and plant extracts.
60 capsules
30 days supply
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The immune system is your body’s defence against illness, so it’s vital it stays strong

Give it the clinical support of antioxidant-rich black elderberry, high-strength vitamin C and vitamin D, combined with zinc, selenium and medicinal mushrooms.

Supports your body's immune responses

Contains clinically relevant doses of vitamins C and D

Includes antioxidants, polyphenols, beta-glucans and medicinal mushrooms

Maintains normal function of the immune system

Supports healthy immune responses

Includes ingredients with approved immunity health claims

Vegan-friendly and gluten-free

All ingredients in their most bioavailable forms

Features & benefits

Why you’ll love it

Unique combination of vitamins, minerals and botanicals

This tailored blend combines powerful amounts of vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and selenium with botanicals chosen specifically for their long history of use in fortifying your body’s defences.

Intelligently formulated

Our Immunity Complex includes well-researched ingredients with approved immunity health claims, in doses shown to have an effect.

All ingredients in high-strength doses in their most bioavailable forms

All eight highly absorbable nutrients are designed to pack a powerful punch. Just two capsules daily gives you optimal amounts of vitamin C and vitamin D, beta-glucans and more.

Optimal amounts of vitamin D3

New research shows you may benefit from more vitamin D than previously thought, so our Immunity Complex gives you optimal amounts of vitamin D - no need for an additional supplement.

Targeted support

Your immune system is complex. By combining a number of active ingredients we have created a product that targets multiple parts of your body’s defences simultaneously.

Includes all the best vitamins and minerals for immune support

Contains zinc to promote white blood cells and vitamin C for collagen production, along with vitamin D and selenium for healthy immune responses.

A unique complex of powerful botanicals

Plants and herbs have long been used for immune support. Our tailored blend includes the medicinal mushrooms reishi and chaga along with black elderberry and oat beta glucans.

An antioxidant antidote to today’s lifestyles

Immune systems are sensitive to free radicals, but antioxidants have a protective effect. Elderberry is rich in these compounds, but zinc, selenium and vitamins C and D act as antioxidants too.

What’s in Immunity Complex?

Find out more about the active ingredients you’ll get in every daily dose.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Vee Pink

Inessa Immunity Complex

Excellent service and products

I have always had excellent service from the team and the products are great quality!

Sunny Singh Chouhan
Inessa immunity complex

Brilliant product, very well packaged. I felt the benefits within days of taking the product, i felt more energetic and my sleep was Improved. Highly recommended, and I will be purchasing 1 bottle a month without fail x

Dr Bob Arnot
Helpful customer service and effective multivitamins

A client recommended Inessa to me and I can say that since I started taking the Multivitamin my life has never been the same. Before I started taking them I had dizzy spells around my time of the month but since I started taking the multivitamins consistently I have had no such problems and all of my acne problems have stoped. I feel great and I would recommend to all women

Martin K.
Immunity complex

I find these excellent as they are making a big difference to my health day to day during winter time.

Immunity Complex is perfect if…

You want to take optimum amounts of vitamin D for healthy immune responses

You want to take optimum amounts of vitamin C, selenium and zinc

You have a busy, stressful lifestyle 

You want a product that combines antioxidants, polyphenols and beta-glucans

You want optimal, not just better, health

You want broad spectrum immunity support taking without multiple products

You want relevant doses of high-quality, science-backed ingredients

Inessa Advanced Daily Multivitamin is perfect if...

May not be suitable

Our Immunity Complex has not been formulated for pregnancy or breastfeeding. Why not try our Pregnancy Multinutrient instead? It also contains vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc and selenium.

If you are taking prescribed medication, you should always check with your doctor first and read the information leaflet with your medicine(s) for contraindications.

From the founder

“Improving resilience to bacteria and viruses has never been so important. Taking optimal-strength, high-quality forms of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and selenium daily will help support your immune system. But there are other powerful plant extracts and botanicals which have been used medicinally for centuries that we wanted to include in Inessa Immunity Complex. Our team of scientists and nutritionists have specifically chosen a unique complex of nutrients, polyphenols and botanicals for this formula, which all work together to strengthen your natural defences.”

Frequently asked questions

Because both products contain optimal amounts of vitamin C and vitamin D, we would advise you only take one or the other.

You can take Inessa Immunity Complex all year round, or just in times when you need additional support.

Take two capsules per day with food or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed the recommended intake. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Immunity Complex is deemed safe for most people but if you are taking prescribed medication, you should always check with your doctor first and read the information leaflet with your medicine(s) for contraindications. Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding. Food supplements should not replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, and we’ve gone the extra mile to register it with the Vegan Society.