Inessa Pregnancy Multinutrient
Inessa Pregnancy Multinutrient

Inessa Pregnancy Multinutrient

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Best Pregnancy Supplement 2021
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Optimal nutrition for every step of your pregnancy journey
60 capsules
30 days supply
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From that faint line to breastfeeding, everything your baby requires comes from you

So support your health and nurture your bump with a daily dose of goodness. Our 25-ingredient, all-premium formula includes beneficial nutrients most other prenatal formulas overlook.

Made from all-premium ingredients

In natural methylated forms for superior bioavailability

Safe yet beneficial doses

Optimal daily nutrition for before, during and after pregnancy

Supports healthy foetal development 

Avoids common pregnancy symptoms

Fills any nutritional gaps in your diet

Pairs perfectly with Advanced Omega 3

Meet your pregnancy hero

100% vegan and Vegan Society registered

Manufactured in the UK

Meets strict European safety standards for pregnancy

Folate as 5-MTHF

Natural iron for gentle digestion

Free from common allergens, fillers, binders and colourants

What’s in Inessa Pregnancy Multinutrient?

Pregnancy is a time of great transition, but optimal nutritional support is one thing you can control. It’s all thanks to the 25 ingredients in your daily supplement.

Features & benefits

Why you’ll love it

The UK’s most complete pregnancy supplement

The UK’s most complete pregnancy supplement

Contains all the nutrients you need for optimal nutrition at every stage of pregnancy, including choline, an often-deficient nutrient needed for normal foetal brain development.
All-premium formulation

All-premium formulation

From the methylated folate that’s easier to absorb to iron that’s more gentle on your digestion, we only use premium quality, highly bioavailable nutrients.
Supports optimal maternal health

Supports optimal maternal health

Ready, set, glow! With vitamin D3 for your immune system, iodine for normal thyroid function and B vitamins for energy, pregnancy self-care has never been so easy.
Supports healthy foetal development

Supports healthy foetal development

Alongside choline and folate you’ll find lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids only included in premium formulas which play an important role in your baby’s visual development.
Safe yet beneficial doses

Safe yet beneficial doses

With meaningful amounts designed for best, not better, maternal health, our doses are high enough to provide support but still follow rigorous EU safety standards for prenatal supplements.
Helps avoid common pregnancy symptoms

Helps avoid common pregnancy symptoms

Contains vitamin B6 to support symptoms of nausea and other B-complex vitamins to restore your energy levels.
Delayed-release capsule kinder on your digestion

Delayed-release capsule kinder on your digestion

While other supplements may give you reflux, our direct release capsules are designed to avoid indigestion and nausea.
Recommended by experts

“As an author and women’s health expert, I’m often asked for my favorite prenatal vitamin. My go-to is the combo of Inessa’s Pregnancy Multinutrient and ultra-pure Advanced Omega 3. They are gentle on my sensitive gut (no nausea!), made with bioavailable, high-quality ingredients, and include every essential vitamin and mineral (like choline) for a healthy pregnancy.”

Leslie Schrock - Author of bestselling US pregnancy guide, Bumpin’

Inessa Pregnancy Multinutrient is perfect if…

You’re planning to conceive and want to prepare your body for pregnancy

You’re pregnant, you’ve just had a baby, or are breastfeeding

You want to support your own health and ensure your baby is getting everything it needs

You already eat a healthy, balanced diet, but want to fill any nutritional gaps

You’re finding it hard to eat enough, or have specific aversions, and require additional nutritional support

You’re looking for a supplement that contains only premium ingredients

You find that other supplements can give you nausea

You find the conventional iron used in supplements is hard in your gut

You prefer to take natural forms of folate to help your body absorb it more efficiently

Inessa Advanced Daily Multivitamin is perfect if...

May not be suitable

Our Pregnancy Multinutrient is safe for most women, but if you are taking prescribed medication, you should always consult your doctor prior to use.

Do not use our Pregnancy Multinutrient without the permission of your doctor. This is because it contains vitamin K2 which can interfere with blood thinners.

How we compare


All-premium ingredients with no fillers or additives

Safe, yet beneficial doses. No token doses of certain nutrients to make formula appear more complete

Highly bioavailable nutrients in methylated forms

Contains folate in the superior, more bioavailable L-5-MTHF form

Contains lutein and zeaxanthin to support baby’s visual health and development

Contains 30mg CoQ10, an antioxidant for healthy pregnancy outcomes

Contains choline, already recommended in US for foetal brain development

Contains non-constipating iron which is more gentle on the gut than other forms

Uses a patented direct release capsule to reduce the risk of nausea and reflux taste

Other brands

Cheaper ingredients and added colourings, flavourings or fillers

Token doses of some nutrients with no real benefit, to make the formula appear more complete

Synthetic versions of key nutrients that are harder to absorb

Contains synthetic folic acid which some women aren’t able to metabolise as well

No lutein and zeaxanthin included, a decision often based on ingredient cost rather than what's best

Contains no CoQ10 or only small, token amounts with no benefit

No choline included, or doses too small to have much benefit

Contains a form of iron that is tough to digest, leading to unwanted side effects

Uses a normal capsule which may cause nausea or a reflux taste

From the founder

“As a mum myself, it was important to me that this formula included only the premium quality ingredients women really need, in their most bioavailable forms.

Our pregnancy formula combines the best of European and US pregnancy recommendations to provide the ultimate support to new mums, whether they’re trying to conceive, pregnant, breastfeeding or beyond. I’d also recommend taking an ultra pure Omega 3 Fish Oil when pregnant and breastfeeding.”

Frequently asked questions

Yes it does, and we also use folate in its superior, methylated form. Many women aren’t able to metabolise their synthetic folic acid supplements into usable folate very well, which may impact their pregnancy. The L-5-MTHF form we use is molecularly identical to the natural form we derive from plant foods. It’s much easier for all women to use and so reduces any risks associated with poor conversion.

Yes, it’s 100% vegan and Vegan Society registered.

A healthy diet is the most important source of absorbable nutrients (as well as things like protein and fibre) and as such it should always be your number one priority. But with today’s on-the-go lifestyles, not to mention morning sickness, it’s not always possible for pregnant women to eat the perfect diet every day. It’s also worth noting that it’s more tricky to get enough nutrients like vitamin D3, choline, folate and iron solely from our diets. Supplements can supply extra nutrients specifically tailored to support the needs of pregnancy, so you know there won’t be any gaps in your nutrition.

There’s no bad time to start, but the ideal time is three to six months prior to your pregnancy to help you reach optimal nutrient levels before you’re pregnant. Those initial first weeks are critical, so taking a pregnancy supplement early can have a positive impact.

Yes, it can be used in all three trimesters. Alongside a balanced diet, supplementation throughout your pregnancy is important not only for the healthy development of your baby, but also to support your own nutritional status.

Yes. The nutrients included in the Inessa Pregnancy Multinutrient formula are beneficial for breastfeeding, as nutrients pass through to the baby via breast milk. The nutrients of particular value during breastfeeding are vitamin D, iodine and choline, all of which are included in the Pregnancy Multinutrient supplement. We’d also advise breastfeeding mothers to take an ultra pure Omega 3 supplement, such as Inessa Advanced Omega 3.

Yes, and it’s a really good idea to keep taking it up to a year post-birth. During pregnancy and breastfeeding your body prioritises delivering nutrients to the growing baby. It is not uncommon for mother’s to suffer from postnatal depletion which can fuel post-birth fatigue and may lead to other health problems.

While it contains all the pregnancy vitamins and micronutrients you need to fill any gaps in your diet, we would recommend taking a high-quality, ultra pure Omega 3 supplement containing decent amounts of DHA and EPA. Whether you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, these essential fatty acids are so essential to your baby’s brain and nervous system that your body prioritises your own reserves of DHA and EPA for your baby, leaving you at risk of depletion.

Take 2 capsules per day with food, or as recommended by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed the recommended intake. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

Women with known genetic mutations resulting in poor uptake of folic acid should seek specialist medical advice as they may benefit from significantly higher doses than the general population.